Executive Team

Wen Hwa Lee, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientist


Lee is a molecular and structural biologist with a wide international network in drug discovery, including charities, academia, industry and government agencies. Previously at the University of Oxford, Lee is an experienced leader in setting up partnerships and alliances with multiple stakeholders to accelerate discoveries for drug discovery. He designed and implemented several strategies in two of the largest and most successful international public-private partnerships for drug discovery – the Structural Genomics Consortium and the European Lead Factory. Along with his scientific endeavours, Lee also advised high-level government representatives from different countries and charitable institutions on policy and strategy to integrate scientific, societal and economic impact.

Benedict Kelly

Chief Operating Officer


Benedict has 30 years’ experience in the banking and investment sector, with Rothschild Bank and VenCap International. Benedict is the Chief Operating Officer of Action Against AMD and has been a founder member of the team since March 2016. He is also a consultant for Charity Bank, a savings and loans bank with a mission to use money for social good by lending money only to organisations with charitable purposes.

Juliana Bertazzo, PhD

Strategy Coordinator

Juliana Bertazzo joined AAAMD in May 2020. Her previous roles include 8 years as a policy adviser in higher education, science, and innovation, 3 years as a postdoctoral research associate producing commissioned research papers, data analysis and project management for think tanks in the UK, Germany, and Brazil, and 2 academic years teaching a postgraduate course at the University of Oxford. 

Jesse Coker

Science and Strategy Consultant

After finishing degrees in biochemistry and economics at the University of Oklahoma, Jesse is now a doctoral candidate in the Structural Genomics Consortium at the University of Oxford. With previous experience in pro bono non-profit consulting and pre-clinical drug development, Jesse joined the AAAMD team as a Science and Strategy Associate in August 2019.

Ellie Williams, PhD

Community Engagement Coordinator

Ellie Williams is a biochemist by training studying first at the University of Oxford and then gaining her PhD from UCL. She then spent 10 years working in the field of rare diseases and open access drug discovery. As part of that she dedicated time to focusing on public engagement and patient communication and as part of this has worked with patient charities, art groups and schools to communicate cutting edge research. Ellie started working with AAAMD in May 2020.