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Strategy Overview

Influencing and developing

AAAMD is working with multiple stakeholders to increase investments and drive research to bring interventions for early AMD. This will include both traditional sectors such as academia, industry, clinicians, policy makers and regulators, as well as emerging sectors such as health data.

We will act as:

  • A catalyst for effective collaboration between industry, academia, government, research councils and foundations

  • A facilitator in raising and coordinating the necessary research and development funding

  • A sustainable partnership of equally focused people and organisations

  • A driver in building a pipeline of therapeutic approaches which will be in early-stage clinical trials by 2027

  • An expert thought-leader in AMD patient need, research and development


How can we develop a new therapy for early AMD -
a disease we know very little?

Although the late forms of AMD are well-characterised, the underlying causes of AMD are still unknown. Recent discoveries from basic science suggest that there might be multiple causes or even sub-types of AMD, and perhaps the mechanisms in early and late stages of AMD are different.

On the other hand, discovery of new medicines is very risky, expensive and time-consuming - let alone for a disease we know very little. 

Our two-pronged approach aims to address both of these bottlenecks to speed up the development of a new therapy to stop AMD. 

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