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Our Patron (2021-2022)

Professor Sir Colin Blakemore, FRS, FMedSci, HonFRCP, Hon FRSM, FRSB, FBPhS (1944 - 2022) 

Professor Sir Colin Blakemore was a world-leading scientist and an inspirational science communicator.

He was knighted in 2014 for services to scientific research, policy, and outreach. He was a member of twelve Academies of Science and the recognition he achieved in Britain and overseas has been expressed in numerous awards and accolades, including the 2018 President’s Research Medal from the College of Optometrists for ‘his pioneering work into vision, in particular stereoscopic vision, and neuronal plasticity, which are fundamental to our understanding of how vision works with our brain to create our visual experience.’

Sir Colin specialised in vision and neuroplasticity, or how the brain continues to change even into adulthood in response to stimulation, experience, and injury. 

Sir Colin has held academic appointments in leading institutions, including the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick, London, and City University of Hong Kong, as well as frequent visiting appointments held across the world. 

Previously, he was Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council, President and Chair of the British Science Association, President of the British Neuroscience Association, President of the Physiological Society, among several others.

His prolific public engagement activities include written, broadcast, and public presentations on neuroscience.  He has published several books about science for a general readership, hundreds of radio and television broadcasts, including the 1976 BBC Reith Lectures, a 13-part series on brain and mind for BBC2, and the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, and worked with the Science Museum, London, the European Dana Alliance for the Brain, the Cheltenham Festival of Science, the Science Media Centre and Sense about Science.

Sir Colin has championed many not-for-profit organisations and medical charities and since 2018 has been an Independent Trustee of the charity Action Against AMD.

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