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  • Nareman Abbud

100% Optical trade event: The vision for AAAMD

Updated: Apr 8

In a recent presentation at 100% Optical 2023, Wen Hwa Lee representing Action Against AMD illustrated the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the evolution of optometry. He highlighted how AI transcends traditional care boundaries, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where optometrists leverage AI to gather the critical data necessary for research into early eye and systemic disease detection. This data-driven approach is set to revolutionize the early recognition of both eye and systemic diseases, marking a significant leap towards a more integrated and proactive healthcare model. Lee highlighted a future where optometrists are at the epicentre of eye care. This vision underscores a paradigm shift towards a more integrated, data-informed healthcare model, promising a future where maintaining health through early intervention becomes the norm.

For more details, you can read the full article here.


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