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Action Against AMD endorses the pilot phase of Our Future Health

We at Action Against AMD are one of 16 leading charities partnering with Our Future Health, the UK’s largest-ever health research programme, which aims to transform the prevention, detection and treatment of a wide range of other diseases, including Age-related Macular Degeneration.

Our Future Health aims to recruit five million adult volunteers, from all backgrounds, to participate in the research programme from Spring 2022. By joining the voluntary research programme, people will be able to contribute to the most comprehensive picture of health ever captured in the UK. 

Researchers from across academia, industry and the NHS will be able to apply to use Our Future Health data and samples for their crucial research.

In addition to our endorsement of Our Future Health’s pilot phase, we will be championing the need to focus on identifying those at risk, early identification and increasing efforts to address age-related macular degeneration as early as possible.

Our Future Health has initially invited 5,000 members of the public to join the pilot phase of the programme in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, before expanding recruitment across the UK from Spring 2022.

Action Against AMD Chief Executive, Dr Wen Hwa Lee, stated: “We are extremely supportive of Our Future Health as this programme will generate an unparallel amount of new information to help scientists tackle age-related macular degeneration at a greater scale than ever before. By collaborating with Our Future Health, we are facilitating breakthroughs in the early detection of disease, which is in line with our mission. This research programme has the potential to improve the long-term health of millions of people across the UK and keep their sight for longer. We’re looking forward to seeing Our Future Health’s resources accelerate research findings and improve outcomes for age-related macular degeneration patients.”


  1. To register for news and updates about volunteering to join Our Future Health from next year visit to join the mailing list. 

  2. To learn more about our work at Action Against AMD, visit:


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